Le Seven Optical, Blue Light Glasses

The traditional blue blockers do not discriminate in the blue light spectrum. They simply block all the blue light by introducing a yellow color tint. This blocking mechanism is less efficient, and also blocks beneficial blue light causing color distortion.

Traditional Blue Light Blocker

Traditional blue light blockers simply introduce a yellow tint that do not discriminate in the blue light spectrum.

A unnecessary high block percentage causes color distortion and other undesirable effects.

Le Seven lenses target mostly the high energy density blue lights which is a much more effective mechanism and eliminates any side effects. 

Blue light is everywhere.

Your computer screen, phone, tablet and even LED lights in offices and homes.

Just as commonly known UV light, high energy blue light also causes strain and damages to the eye as well as other complications.

Le Seven Optical, Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Can Be Harmful

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum, with a wavelength between 380nm and 495nm. It reaches deeper into the eye compare to UV lights, and its cumulative effect can cause damage to the retina. Certain wavelength of blue light also leads to implications in the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The Inevitable Exposure to Blue Light

In our modern society, long term exposure to harmful blue light is inevitable regardless what your day job is. This is because both LED lighting and LCD screens emit large amount of blue light. This includes computer screen, smart phones and tablets, as well as LED lights. Study also show that smart phones emits the highest amount of blue light as compared to other digital devices, and are especially harmful due to the close distance we hold them to our faces.

Connections to Circadian Rhythm

Our circadian rhythm is regulated by the energy level in the visible light spectrum. Blue light has the highest energy density of all visible light. Prolonged direct exposure to blue light negatively affects sleep pattern and quality.

Reduce blue light exposure hours before bedtime can effectively improve sleep quality.

Le Seven Screen Material & Coating

All Le Seven lenses are made with the newest PC materials that are naturally impact resistant, and delivers amazing lightness and thinness that everyone so desires.

Le Seven lenses are also made with multiple layers of coating for scratch resistance, as well as anti-reflective or anti-glare characteristics that significantly reduces eye strain.

Le Seven Blue Light Blocker

Not all blue light is harmful. Filtering too much blue light by simply introducing a yellow tint causes color distortion.

Le Seven lenses are clear lenses with a special coating that targets only high energy blue lights. It allows the beneficial visible light, including the blue-turquoise light, to pass through. This allows the lenses to have excellent light transmittance with no color distortion and the best possible clarity.



blue light, blue light glasses, blue light blockers, glasses, fashion
blue light, blue light glasses, blue light blockers, glasses, fashion