TR-90 is one of the polymer materials that has a memory. At present, it is the most popular light weight frame material on the market globally. It has the characteristics of high toughnessimpact-resistancewear-resistancelow friction coefficient and so on. It can significantly reduces the risk of injury due to frame breaking. 

TR-90 also presents good chemical resistance due to its molecular structure. It can preserve its color and retain the shape throughout its lifetime even in the toughest conditions of high humidity and temperature. TR-90 lenses can even under go heat treatment of up to 350 degrees for a short period of time without distorting its shape.

Le Seven Optical, Blue Light GlassesLe Seven Optical, Blue Light Glasses

 TR-90 can be used as a food grade material due its chemical stability according to European Standard. It can be finished with a smooth surface and is lighter than any other plastic frames. It reduces the burden of the bridge of the nose and ears which makes it to be suitable for long-term usage.