How to Place an Order at Le Seven Optical

Have you experienced feeling lost browsing websites with a vast catalog of glasses? Options are great but where to even start? At Le Seven Optical, we have made the process as easy as it can be by carefully designing our catalog with only eyeglass frames that are perfect for prescription.

We know your first time may be a little daunting, so to help, we have developed a guide to help you start on the right foot. Check out our simple guide and discover how to place an order at Le Seven Optical in just a few simple steps.

1. Pick a Frame

Purchasing eyeglasses online starts with choosing your frames. This is usually the most time-consuming part of the process, as it involves the most personal choice. If you already have a frame in mind, you can type it in the search bar and find the color you want. If you don't have a frame in mind, choosing your frames is a little easier when you keep the following things in mind:

Frame Shape

You are likely well aware of the most and least flattering clothing styles on your body. You can say the same thing about eyewear. Certain frame shapes will compliment your features, while others may emphasize the wrong attributes. The good news is you can usually predict the best frames for your face using your face shape.

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Frame Size

A too-narrow frame will tend to make your face look wider, while a too-wide frame will make your face look narrower. While you may choose an over- or under-sized set of frames for stylistic reasons, it is generally best to find a pair of frames that fits you well. To this end, you will want properly sized frames. If you have an old pair of glasses, this will be fairly easy, all frames come with measurements one the temple arm.

Frame Color

Frame color is the last thing to consider when choosing a set of frames, but it can be one of the most important things in determining the style and overall look of your new eyewear. This is all up to your keen eye and deciding what looks best on you. Most frames come in several colors so you will never feel trapped in choosing one color on a frame you love.

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2. Pick a Lens Option

While the look of your glasses is important, their functionality is crucial. The quality and features of your lenses contribute most to your satisfaction with your eyewear, and you should pay particularly close attention to the options available to you. 

High Index Lenses

The lens thickness you choose is an important first step. The higher a lens' index is, the thinner it becomes. Higher prescriptions require higher index lenses, while lower prescriptions require lower index lenses.

Understanding High Index Lenses


Have you shopped at websites where you start with non-coated lens option, and keep adding additional coating (and costs) as you go though the checkout process? 
We do things quite differently here at Le Seven Optical. All our lenses come with the necessary multi-layer coating to achieve what we consider are essential for quality eyeglasses, including anti-reflectiveness, impact, scratch and water resistance... and the list goes on.
We've done all the work so you don't have to! 

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3. Provide Your Prescription

Once you have selected the types of frames and lenses you want in your glasses, the next step is customizing it to your unique specifications with your prescription.
Use the webform to fill out your prescription details. Sphere (SPH, also known as Power) and PD are a must, Cylinder (CYL) and Axis are only needed for astigmatism.

Understanding PrescriptionUnderstanding Pupillary Distance (PD)

4. Enter Your Payment

Once you have everything selected and input, double-check all of the values one more time to ensure you are ordering the correct frame, lenses, prescription values etc. Once you are sure of your order, you can enter your payment information in the secure Le Seven Optical checkout portal.

We take care of everything beyond that point. With those simple steps, you will have a new pair of custom prescription glasses on your doorstep in 7 to 14 business days!